How to Make a Tattoo Hurt Less

How to Make a Tattoo Hurt Less

Tattooing and pains are closely related to each other. Its almost impossible get a tattoo without having pain in any stage. It is a part of the whole experience. The level of pain and the amount of discomfort may vary person to person. Interestingly, there is connection between tattoo pain and your attitude or emotional state. Some people accept the pain and consider it as their pride of courage. While, some other don’t even consider getting a tattoo just for fear of going through the pains.

Pain is subjective and varies from one person to another. This means that people feel pain differently based on their attitude or emotional state. For example, if you have an elevated level of anxiety about the pain causing event then you will most likely experience more discomfort.

Much of your pain tolerance depend on your mental preparation for the experience. Also, it depends on your prior acceptance of feeling some pain during getting a tattoo. Just how much does a tattoo hurt? If the worst possible pain like childbirth, kidney stones, compound fractures, severed limbs, 3rd degree burns, etc. were ranked at the top of the 1 to 10 scale then tattoo pain would range from 1 – 5 for most people.

Tattoo can hurt in many ways. Men and women understandably describe pain differently as each sex has a different view and attitude about pain in general. Most of the people who had a tattoo describe tattooing pain like a cat scratching your skin. Or a hot needle being dragged across your skin. Many people feel tattooing just like a sunburn. However, some even say it’s like having your skin cut. On the other side some will tell you that it’s more like a minor scrape or scratch that doesn’t hurt at all.

While attitude and mental state play a major role of pain tolerance, there are additional factors that influence how much pain you may experience when getting a tattoo:

Location of the tattoo – Certain locations on the body are more sensitive than others. Areas that are less fleshy like the ankles, feet or rib cage are often more painful when getting a tattoo.

Size of the tattoo – Large tattoos are not necessarily more painful. The the pain in large tattoos spreads to a larger portion of the body and giving the perception that it is more painful. Additionally large tattoos take longer to apply. So consequently the pain endures for a longer period of time.

Tattoo complexity – Even small or medium tattoos can seem more painful. If the tattoo design is detailed with multiple colors, the time required to complete the tat is increased. Once again this will require you to tolerate the pain for a longer period of time giving the perception that it is more painful.

Proper planning can dramatically reduce the pain level while getting a tattoo. Your attitude is very important to make a tattoo hurt less. You should be relaxed and void of fear. As, the pain you are going to experience wont last longer, don’t bother about the temporary discomfort. When you decide to get a tattoo, you should accept the fact of temporary pain associated in the process. The pain is just another element in the process of experiencing and getting a tattoo.

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