How to Find a Good Tattoo Artist: 5 Things You Must Remember

Now, we will discuss, what are those issues that you must consider before choosing a tattoo artist.


Finally, you have made up your mind about getting a tattoo. If this is your first tattoo, you are probably a bit nervous and confused. Finding the best artist is difficult and you need to be careful in this step. Don’t worry. In this tutorial, you will learn how to find a good tattoo artist to get the job done successfully. Always remember these 5 things discussed below when you are selecting a tattoo artist.

1. Talk & Ask (*again and again)

Before having a tattoo, take adequate time to find and talk to several tattoo artists. The more you prospect, the better result you will get. Do not be lazy in this crucial step. You need to ask him/her several important questions to find out everything is perfect with the tattoo studio and the tattoo artist. Try to learn as much as possible about the artist’s background. Check his/her previous works and customer feedback. Ideally, you should find one of his/her clients. Finding a previous client will immensely help you selecting the tattoo artist. You need to seek any other important piece of information about the artist and the studio before finally select him/her to art the tattoo for you.

2. Experience Does Matter

Experience is probably the most important issue while selecting a tattoo artist. You must look for a tattoo artist with some years of experiences. If you find a promising tattoo studio, check how long they been in this arena. This will help you sort out professional tattoo studios with reputation. However, the new studios are not always that bad. Some experienced artist might open a new studio with new name and branding. That is okay, but do not forget to check their portfolio.

The first thing you should find out is how long has the tattoo studio been in business. This will give you a sense of how professional and successful this particular tattoo studio might be. It requires a successful and professionally run shop to stay in business for very long. This is not to say that a new shop is bad. New shops are a bit more risky since there is little history of the service and tattoo workmanship. You are looking for a shop that has a proven track record, this will give you a head start at getting quality tattoo work. If the tattoo studio belongs to the Better Business Bureau, (few do) you can check the BBB records for complaints that may have been filed.

2. Guarantee & Commitments

You’ll also need to find a tattoo studio that guarantees their work. Often, people do not get the tattoo they wanted to have. In that case you’ll definitely want to fixed it. Will the studio resolve problems without requiring additional money? What’s the shop’s refund policy? What will the shop do in the event you do not like the final outcome of the tattoo or the quality?

3. Safety & Hygiene


Next you need to learn as much as you can about the tattooist’s qualifications. Experience in tattoo artistry and tattooing safety is a must. The two big things you’ll want to know about your tattooist is how long have they been in the business and what forms of tattoo art do they specialize in or prefer. Does the tattooist’s art experience match the style you are looking for?

When it comes to safety you’ll want to make sure that the tattooist utilizes sanitary practices. Do they wear rubber gloves, do they use separate vials of ink for each client, and do they use brand new needles for each client? Infections and other diseases can easily be contracted if equipment or the work environment is not clean. Make sure you feel comfortable with the safety practices before selecting a tattoo artist.

4. Professionalism & Openness

You have to ask as many question as possible before getting a tattoo.. Tattooist’s are use to being questioned about their credentials and most enjoy talking about their personal history and style. If your tattoo artist feel confused or not interested to answer all of your questions or even being non-cooperative, you should look for another studio or artist. Part of getting a good tat is having a good rapport with the tattoo artist. If you can’t communicate to your tattooist then sooner than later something negative will come of it.

Final Thoughts

There are always risks and concerns when it comes to getting a tattoo for the first few times. Tattooist understand this and will respect you more as a client if you show concern for quality and safety. Ask a lot of questions. Do your homework and make a list of handful questions to ask your artist. That will help you to get rid of unnecessary anxieties and make the overall experience of getting a tattoo much better.


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